Though it hurts..

It’s painful to leave someone you don’t want to leave. It’s painful to be torn between “Am I gonna talk to him?” and “I shouldn’t be talk to him because I left him”. It’s painful to know that he let you walked away.

I like you.

Though it hurts.

I remember the night when I prayed. I asked the Lord to give me someone who can be with me for life. That is the very first time I asked the Lord for someone. And I believe He gave me you. We were cool for days, until something happened. To cut it short, I was the one who left. I was the one who walked away. It’s painful. I don’t want to leave you. But it happened. I was weak.

I like you a lot.

Though it hurts.

I don’t know what to do. I really really want to talk to you, but you seems okay without me. It’s like you don’t need my presence. I want us to be what we were before. 24/7 talks that I miss, unending jokes that makes me laugh, good morning & good night messages that makes me smile..

I like you sooo much.

Though it hurts.

Why did I ever leave you in the first place? How stupid am I to do that? You don’t know how hard my days were. But it’s my fault. I took all the blame. It’s me. My decision’s stupid. So stupid that I am hurting now.

I like you badly.

Though it hurts.

We didn’t talk for days. But I sent you an I miss you messages. I told myself that if I ever get a message from you, I will surely win you back. Guess what, you messaged me. I told myself, you’re mine. I thought it will be easy to have you back, but I was wrong. You’re cold and you’re giving me short replies. I am confused again. I don’t know how I can win you back if I have the feeling that you don’t want me anymore.

I like you still.

Though it hurts.

I’m so confused to the point that tears are coming already. How can I be so stupid to make a decision because I’m just upset? I want to message you. But your posts make me think you don’t need my message anymore. Please tell me you need me. Please tell me you want me. Because I’m clueless. Totally clueless. I want to say how I like you very much but I’m afraid of what answer you will give me.

I like you.

Though it hurts.


One thought on “Though it hurts..

  1. i don’t personaly know u, however remmber dat everything will turn out fyn. i can feel ur pain writing this blog. it’s not easy for u to walk away especially if u invested something of yoursef to make u two work, but it wil be okay. maybe time isn’t for you right now. hope you feel better soon


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