Rey and Reizza Wedding

February 14 is Valentine’s Day! As if you don’t know that. Lol. Anyways, I didn’t think about having a date for this year’s valentines day not only because I’m single (sad life haha), but also because I attended a wedding. It’s my cousin’s and we named it “Rey and Reizza Wedding”. We even hashtagged (is that a word? lol) it on facebook as #ReyAndReizzaWedding 🙂

The wedding was a blast. It was fun! Here’s a little trivia… This is my first time to see and attend a wedding. Hahaha. I mean, maybe when I was a kid I did attend on one of my aunt’s wedding but hey, I was a naive little girl back then! So yeah, this is the first. Lol.



My little sister and I enjoying snapchat while waiting for our hair and make-up to get fix.


Kiddos 🙂 So, you know my little sister.. The other little girl here is my niece.


If you’re messing with snapchat, it’s impossible not to have a picture with this coachella flower crown filter. Haha. My fave!


Viola! After how many hours.. Thanks Chris & Jean for my hair and make-up, and Ate Natasha for my gown.

Oh! Did I tell you I was one of the secondary sponsors? 🙂 Well, yes!


How cute was the venue’s set-up?

The wedding was held at Villa Salud in Taguig, and as you can see, the motiff was piiiiiiink ♥


With Shinji, my partner 🙂


The wedding had a mini bar at the back. My cousin pulled me to try because we don’t have any idea about liquors and stuffs (another trivia haha). So, the bartender gave us this and it’s called “6 Cycles“. I don’t even get it. 😀 I didn’t finish mine because the taste sucks (blame my taste buds!) I just gave it to my dad.


My looooooves!!! ♥


So yeah, that was the summary of #ReyAndReizzaWedding 🙂 It was a great day and great experience with the whole family. My advice to these newly weds is simple. I told them to always remember to let God be the center of their marriage because through Him, all the best will follow. Simple, right? But a much needed reminder. I mean, we must trust God. His plans are always the best for us and we can never go wrong if we chose to live with Him as our Lord and Savior. He’s beyond amazing.

Thanks for reading!

God bless everyone ♥

Load of Love,



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