WWE Manila 2016

To watch a  WWE live event is included in my dream board and last September, IT HAPPENED!!! I can still feel the happiness though it’s already 5 months ago. Lol.

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment and I’ve been watching it since I was kid. I can still vividly remember how mad my aunt were whenever she saw me watching it. Hahaha. But she didn’t stop me for watching the show. I mean, I’m a WWE GIRL. Duh. ♥

So, I was a real estate agent before and I had a duty at SM Megamall. While I was in my 1-hour break, this WWE advertisement flashed on the Megamall’s big tv screen outside, and honestly, my eyes got stuck on the screen! Legit! After how many years, they will be coming here in the PH! Damn! The moment I saw the advertisement, what I did was I put out my phone and typed WWE Live in Manila in my notes, so that I won’t forget to buy a ticket. I even researched it if it was real. Hahaha. Seriously, a dream come true!


I bought two tix for me and my little sister, and unfortunately, we just had general admission tix where the seats are on top. I was quite sad because I was thinking that I might not get to watch the show properly and clearly, but I just shrug shoulders thinking it. It’s my dream, come on.. ♥


Here’s my little sister and this was taken while we were looking for our line. And look at that WWE logo in her shirt! Adorable!


World balance x Skechers 🙂 While waiting.. We waited outside for about 1 and a half hour, then the staffs let us inside the arena and we waited for almost 1 hour there.


Finally, we’re in! Gosh, I was near crying when I got inside. It gave me goosebumps!!!


This is my precious grandmother. She passed away last December 2015, and she loves wrestling too. Watching WWE at home is our bonding, and it kills me she wasn’t able to see the show live. But I know she was there at the arena, enjoying the show and sitting next to me. ♥


It’s cute that I spent that night with another WWE fan who happens to be my little sister. Happy that she enjoyed as well.


The show’s done. Aww. It saddens me. It’s like, “That’s it?” Hahaha. I want more!!!

To tell you guys, the experience was lit! A cloud nine feeling for a girl like me who loves wrestling. ♥ Though I was just at gen ad row, it’s fine. I still saw the wrestlers’ game faces, their playful looks and I heard their screams and shouts during their matches. I was able to see John Cena, Big Show, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, the announcer Jojo, and mooooore. I can’t still believe that I saw these wrestlers live in action. Beyond happy and blessed!!!

Until my next blog!

God bless everyone ♥

Loads of Love,



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