My Wowowin Experience

January 3, 2016 – We went to GMA for Wowowin. It’s also my little brother’s birthday and he knows the show coz he does watch it at home so we got excited for him, but the problem is that he is just 6 years old. You must be 10 above to get inside the studio and there’s a possibility that he might not be inside with us. What we did while we were in the line waiting, we prayed for him. You can never go wrong with faith, right? So, the prayer was lead by my 10 year-old sister and we laid hands for our little brother.
Sadly, the staffs still didn’t let him inside the studio. There was this BS (means back stage) marked on his arm. My little brother’s face shattered my heart. We brought his birth certificate to prove that it’s really his birthday and still a NO. My little brother was sooo sad, he was crying and he tried to erase the BS marked on his arm. He was sitting quietly and giving us his saddest face. No choice, he was in the back stage with our tito. There was a tv screen there where they could watch everything what’s happening inside the studio. For my little brother to feel better, we promised that we will do our very best to join in one of the Wowowin games so that we could tell Willie Revillame about him wanting to get inside.
“Bigayan ng Jacket” segment came where Willie will pick 5 people from the audience to play the game. Blessed, MY DAD GOT PICKED!!! We cheered a lot! We felt like we already won! The only thing in our minds that time was my little brother in the back stage and the chance that he could get inside the studio was much bigger because my dad could mention it now to Willie Revillame.
My dad’s turn came.. At first, Willie Revillame asked few questions to my dad like what’s his name, job, and stuffs like that. Until my dad mentioned about my little brother. Our tears didn’t stop when Willie said “Ah, nasa labas? Sige, kunin mo.” And my dad run to get him. My heart jumped for joy the moment when my little brother got inside. His toothpaste-commercial smile kept flashing on his face while he was talking to Willie Revillame. He was given a cash, the famous wowowin jacket and 2 cellphones. He was sooo happy that he put almost everyone in tears. Plus, we had an exposure too! I know I was silly crying on tv, but we had a lot of fun and our whole family played the game where we won. Sooo blessed!!!
PS: Maybe some of you will say “Sus, parang Wowowin lang e”, but to tell you guys, when you saw your sibling/s happy and enjoying, you will never think na “Wowowin LANG yun”. I’m actually grateful to Wowowin that they made my little brother’s birthday a very happy one. My siblings’ happiness is my happiness as well.


PPS: You can watch our family’s story on youtube:

God bless everyone! ♥

Loads of Love,



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