I’m a frustrated writer.

As my very first post here, I decided to share you my simple works of writing.

So yeah, I’ve been reading this app called Wattpad since 2011. If you’re not familiar with it, why don’t you check it? Lol kidding. It is a kind of app where you can read and/or write stories. Everyone can be a reader and everyone can be a writer. I was just a reader back then. Then one day, lots of scenes were coming inside my head, maybe because of what I read. And there I thought “What if I make my own story? It doesn’t really matter how many votes and reads I get, I just want to make my own story.” And so, I did.

My first story entitled PERMANENT. I came up with the title by.. secret! You need to read my story to know why. Hahaha. As much as I want to mention the reason here, it will be a great spoiler for my story. Sorry, pumpkins. Mwa!

Permanent has 87 chapters and I started writing it last November 2015 and finished it on November 2016. Yes, I did it for one year. I read it again from the start and noticed some grammars and OA scenes to revise. I revised it for a month, then boom! Done.

As of now, it is getting number of reads from people and I’m beyond happy about it. I also came up with my second story which is still an on-going story. Its title is “To Love Again“, and again, you need to read the story to know how did I come up with the title. Life’s really like that, come on.

So yeah.. if you want to read my story when you’re bored or what, you can always visit my Wattpad account at http://www.wattpad.com/zhelababy 🙂

God bless everyone! ♥

Loads of love,



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