21 Facts about ME

For this day’s blog, I will be sharing with you 21 facts about me (it’s obvious on the title up there), and I decided to share 21 facts because.. I’m 21 years old. Hahaha. Okay, corny. -____- Let’s start now!!!

# 1 Fact: I don’t like Harry Potter.


No offense to those Harry Potter fans there, Daniel Radcliffe is one hell of a handsome guy, but I don’t like the movie. Don’t worry, I’ve tried watching it. I’ve watched the episode 1 which is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (thanks, google!) and I’ve finished it! I’m quite satisfied with the episode 1, but when I started watching the episode 2.. Boom! I got bored. I wasn’t able to finish it and I didn’t watch the following episodes anymore. I’m sorry, Potterheads! Let’s just watch something else, ‘kay? 🙂

# 2 Fact: I belong to a broken family.

This is sad. Uhm.. So yeah, my parents are separated and I’ve been living with my mom since then, but I’m visiting my dad every month until now. Being in a broken family is hard. I mean, who would like it, right? But we all have to move on and accept everything. As a matter of fact, my mom has her new love of her life now and she is happy. I am happy for her. Plus, I have now my little sister & brother! I’m an only child for 11 years and used to be the apple of my mom’s eyes, but yeah, our family got bigger and now we’re 5 in the family.

# 3 Fact: I have a poor eyesight.

Sad life. Huhu. I have this 400 grade, both right and left eye. I am wearing eyeglasses at home and a contact lens whenever I go to places. And it’s sooo freakin’ hard having a poor eyesight! Ugh. All are very blurry.

# 4 Fact: I love cooking!


Yep, I’m a cook at home! Actually, I don’t like cooking before. I hate it, especially frying. But people change. I now love to cook because it makes me feel like I’m a chef. (what the? lol) Filipino dishes are my expertise, of course! I’m proud to be a filipina, duh. ♥ Wanna try my dish? 🙂

# 5 Fact: I’m collecting movie tickets.

I don’t know why, but I love collecting them. I’m a movie freak, bigtime. I love cinemas. I love movie houses. I’m actually thinking to put those tickets in an album or a nice folder or something, for me to keep them nicely. If you have something in mind that can help me to how can I keep them good, let me know. *wink*

# 6 Fact: I want to be a college professor.

Pfft.. It’s my secret dream! But not a secret anymore. Haha. But yeah, I want to be a professor. I feel like I have the guts to be one (oh well..), and I want a job where I can use my voice more often because I love talking! I’m a talkative person and my voice is good for reporting and stuff. I have never think of my self working in an enclosed office and signing documents, no. 

# 7 Fact: I’m a WWE fan.


Yes! World Wrestling Entertainment is bae.♥ If you read one of my blogs about WWE, you know how crazy I am for that show! Hahaha. I will never get tired of watching it. It entertains me a lot!

Read my WWE Manila 2016 experience :


# 8 Fact: I love kettlekorn!


A kettle korn a day keeps my bad vibes away! Hahaha. My fave! I remember 2 years ago, I asked all my friends to give me kettle korn as their birthday gift for my 19th birthday. Lol. I’m inlove with that snack. Sweet n’ salty is my favorite flavor. I also had a suitor and he came to our house holding 2 LARGE KETTLE KORNS! Daaaamn. My eyes became heart-shaped. Okay, I’m overreacting. But hell yeah, I love it! ♥

# 9 Fact: I’m a writer.. frustrated writer.


I have a blog about this, so if you feel like reading it to know more about my writings, here’s the link :


# 10 Fact : I grew up with my grandparents.

I did. My mom was in Taiwan for yearsss, so I have been with my grandparents since then. I was even called “Marimar” before, because Marimar who is the lead star of that Mexican telenovela grew up with her grandparents as well. Cute, right?

# 11 Fact : I play instruments.

I know how to play the piano. My mom had me enrolled to a piano lessons for summer when I was in grade school and that’s where I got my knowledge about it. I was also a Lyrist before in a Drum & Lyre band. I’ve been a lyrist for 3 years and it was enjoyable. We always had a parade around our place. It was very fun.

# 12 Fact : I love Hello Kitty and pink stuffs.


This photo was taken 3 years ago. I have lots of Hello kitty stuffs now which I haven’t uploaded. She is my favorite sanrio character because she’s so cute and adorable. Whenever I see hello kitty things or cars, my eyes got stuck on it. Hahaha. How crazy I am. ♥ So, most of my hello kitty stuffs were from Japan and Dubai because I have aunts there, and some are birthday gifts or I bought it somewhere.

# 13 Fact : I love watching Spongebob Squarepants.

Until now! Call me a kid, I don’t care. 😛 Spongebob Squarepants episodes are all funny and it really entertains me. Believe it or not, I and my cousin has downloaded all of its episodes from season 1 to season 9. Hahaha. I’m being honest! We also have the copy of Spongebob’s two movies which I think, I watched it countless times. Lol.

# 14 Fact : I have a cute height.

4’11 daaaamn. That’s why my friends usually calls me baby. Ugh. I got my height from my mom. She is short, too. Haha. But just like WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss said “I may be small, but I’m fierce.” Ha!!!

# 15 Fact : I looooove dogs.


This is Miley, my cute little boo. I named her after the singer, Miley Cyrus (sorry, Miley! I’m your fan!). What’s awesome is that I also have another dog named Katy, and my cousin has a cat named Perry. So, it’s Katy Perry! Another singer. Hahaha. That’s why Miley becomes Miley. We’re making international dog singers at home. Lol. So yeah, I really love dogs. Cats are good, too, but I prefer dogs at home.

# 16 Fact : I want to visit London and France.

It’s included in my dream board. I want to visit London, because British accents amaze me! I also want to see their buses, telephone booths, Big Ben and some spots around the place. France, on the other hand, is a dream destination too. Eiffel Tower, duh. ♥

# 17 Fact : I love the Spice Girls!


It’s pretty obvious, they are 5 of them. From left to right, Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice, because she’s so classy and very posh), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice, the youngest in the group who loves wearing baby doll dresses and ponytails), Mel B (Scary Spice, loves leopard prints and very loud), Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice, she’s a ginger because of the hair and she loves including UK flags on her clothes), and Mel C (Sporty Spice, kick here and kick there, nike, and sporty clothes). I have known SPICE GIRLS from my mom because it’s her favorite girl band. She used to imitate Emma Bunton. Hahaha. I also imitated her. She’s so cute! And their songs, daaaamn. I’ve been listening to it until now. We can never have another Spice Girls in our generation, they’re unique. ♥ And I’m still waiting for their 20th anniversary celenbration, hope they prepare some tours. Praying!!! #GirlPower

# 18 Fact : Doughnuuuuuuuts!!!

I love a good doughnut. Especially from J.co & Krispy Kreme. It keeps my mood alive. I will never get out of a mall without eating one. ♥ 

# 19 Fact : I like watching Biographical movies.

Yes, those movies amaze me. I’ve tried watching some like A Beautiful Mind (John Nash’s Story), Theory of Everything (Stephen Hawking’s story) and Jobs (Steve Jobs’ Story). It’s wonderful knowing their life story through movies. It’s knowledgeable. Try watching some. 🙂

# 20 Fact : I’m into spicy foods.


I don’t like spicy foods before. It irritates me. But now, I’m looking for something spicy on my foods. Hahaha. I love it when my face turns red because of it. Lol.

# 21 Fact : I love God, I love my family, I love my friends, and I love YOU!

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. You’re the best.

God bless everyone. ♥

Loads of Love,



Rey and Reizza Wedding

February 14 is Valentine’s Day! As if you don’t know that. Lol. Anyways, I didn’t think about having a date for this year’s valentines day not only because I’m single (sad life haha), but also because I attended a wedding. It’s my cousin’s and we named it “Rey and Reizza Wedding”. We even hashtagged (is that a word? lol) it on facebook as #ReyAndReizzaWedding 🙂

The wedding was a blast. It was fun! Here’s a little trivia… This is my first time to see and attend a wedding. Hahaha. I mean, maybe when I was a kid I did attend on one of my aunt’s wedding but hey, I was a naive little girl back then! So yeah, this is the first. Lol.



My little sister and I enjoying snapchat while waiting for our hair and make-up to get fix.


Kiddos 🙂 So, you know my little sister.. The other little girl here is my niece.


If you’re messing with snapchat, it’s impossible not to have a picture with this coachella flower crown filter. Haha. My fave!


Viola! After how many hours.. Thanks Chris & Jean for my hair and make-up, and Ate Natasha for my gown.

Oh! Did I tell you I was one of the secondary sponsors? 🙂 Well, yes!


How cute was the venue’s set-up?

The wedding was held at Villa Salud in Taguig, and as you can see, the motiff was piiiiiiink ♥


With Shinji, my partner 🙂


The wedding had a mini bar at the back. My cousin pulled me to try because we don’t have any idea about liquors and stuffs (another trivia haha). So, the bartender gave us this and it’s called “6 Cycles“. I don’t even get it. 😀 I didn’t finish mine because the taste sucks (blame my taste buds!) I just gave it to my dad.


My looooooves!!! ♥


So yeah, that was the summary of #ReyAndReizzaWedding 🙂 It was a great day and great experience with the whole family. My advice to these newly weds is simple. I told them to always remember to let God be the center of their marriage because through Him, all the best will follow. Simple, right? But a much needed reminder. I mean, we must trust God. His plans are always the best for us and we can never go wrong if we chose to live with Him as our Lord and Savior. He’s beyond amazing.

Thanks for reading!

God bless everyone ♥

Load of Love,



WWE Manila 2016

To watch a  WWE live event is included in my dream board and last September, IT HAPPENED!!! I can still feel the happiness though it’s already 5 months ago. Lol.

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment and I’ve been watching it since I was kid. I can still vividly remember how mad my aunt were whenever she saw me watching it. Hahaha. But she didn’t stop me for watching the show. I mean, I’m a WWE GIRL. Duh. ♥

So, I was a real estate agent before and I had a duty at SM Megamall. While I was in my 1-hour break, this WWE advertisement flashed on the Megamall’s big tv screen outside, and honestly, my eyes got stuck on the screen! Legit! After how many years, they will be coming here in the PH! Damn! The moment I saw the advertisement, what I did was I put out my phone and typed WWE Live in Manila in my notes, so that I won’t forget to buy a ticket. I even researched it if it was real. Hahaha. Seriously, a dream come true!


I bought two tix for me and my little sister, and unfortunately, we just had general admission tix where the seats are on top. I was quite sad because I was thinking that I might not get to watch the show properly and clearly, but I just shrug shoulders thinking it. It’s my dream, come on.. ♥


Here’s my little sister and this was taken while we were looking for our line. And look at that WWE logo in her shirt! Adorable!


World balance x Skechers 🙂 While waiting.. We waited outside for about 1 and a half hour, then the staffs let us inside the arena and we waited for almost 1 hour there.


Finally, we’re in! Gosh, I was near crying when I got inside. It gave me goosebumps!!!


This is my precious grandmother. She passed away last December 2015, and she loves wrestling too. Watching WWE at home is our bonding, and it kills me she wasn’t able to see the show live. But I know she was there at the arena, enjoying the show and sitting next to me. ♥


It’s cute that I spent that night with another WWE fan who happens to be my little sister. Happy that she enjoyed as well.


The show’s done. Aww. It saddens me. It’s like, “That’s it?” Hahaha. I want more!!!

To tell you guys, the experience was lit! A cloud nine feeling for a girl like me who loves wrestling. ♥ Though I was just at gen ad row, it’s fine. I still saw the wrestlers’ game faces, their playful looks and I heard their screams and shouts during their matches. I was able to see John Cena, Big Show, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, the announcer Jojo, and mooooore. I can’t still believe that I saw these wrestlers live in action. Beyond happy and blessed!!!

Until my next blog!

God bless everyone ♥

Loads of Love,



My Wowowin Experience

January 3, 2016 – We went to GMA for Wowowin. It’s also my little brother’s birthday and he knows the show coz he does watch it at home so we got excited for him, but the problem is that he is just 6 years old. You must be 10 above to get inside the studio and there’s a possibility that he might not be inside with us. What we did while we were in the line waiting, we prayed for him. You can never go wrong with faith, right? So, the prayer was lead by my 10 year-old sister and we laid hands for our little brother.
Sadly, the staffs still didn’t let him inside the studio. There was this BS (means back stage) marked on his arm. My little brother’s face shattered my heart. We brought his birth certificate to prove that it’s really his birthday and still a NO. My little brother was sooo sad, he was crying and he tried to erase the BS marked on his arm. He was sitting quietly and giving us his saddest face. No choice, he was in the back stage with our tito. There was a tv screen there where they could watch everything what’s happening inside the studio. For my little brother to feel better, we promised that we will do our very best to join in one of the Wowowin games so that we could tell Willie Revillame about him wanting to get inside.
“Bigayan ng Jacket” segment came where Willie will pick 5 people from the audience to play the game. Blessed, MY DAD GOT PICKED!!! We cheered a lot! We felt like we already won! The only thing in our minds that time was my little brother in the back stage and the chance that he could get inside the studio was much bigger because my dad could mention it now to Willie Revillame.
My dad’s turn came.. At first, Willie Revillame asked few questions to my dad like what’s his name, job, and stuffs like that. Until my dad mentioned about my little brother. Our tears didn’t stop when Willie said “Ah, nasa labas? Sige, kunin mo.” And my dad run to get him. My heart jumped for joy the moment when my little brother got inside. His toothpaste-commercial smile kept flashing on his face while he was talking to Willie Revillame. He was given a cash, the famous wowowin jacket and 2 cellphones. He was sooo happy that he put almost everyone in tears. Plus, we had an exposure too! I know I was silly crying on tv, but we had a lot of fun and our whole family played the game where we won. Sooo blessed!!!
PS: Maybe some of you will say “Sus, parang Wowowin lang e”, but to tell you guys, when you saw your sibling/s happy and enjoying, you will never think na “Wowowin LANG yun”. I’m actually grateful to Wowowin that they made my little brother’s birthday a very happy one. My siblings’ happiness is my happiness as well.


PPS: You can watch our family’s story on youtube:

God bless everyone! ♥

Loads of Love,



I’m a frustrated writer.

As my very first post here, I decided to share you my simple works of writing.

So yeah, I’ve been reading this app called Wattpad since 2011. If you’re not familiar with it, why don’t you check it? Lol kidding. It is a kind of app where you can read and/or write stories. Everyone can be a reader and everyone can be a writer. I was just a reader back then. Then one day, lots of scenes were coming inside my head, maybe because of what I read. And there I thought “What if I make my own story? It doesn’t really matter how many votes and reads I get, I just want to make my own story.” And so, I did.

My first story entitled PERMANENT. I came up with the title by.. secret! You need to read my story to know why. Hahaha. As much as I want to mention the reason here, it will be a great spoiler for my story. Sorry, pumpkins. Mwa!

Permanent has 87 chapters and I started writing it last November 2015 and finished it on November 2016. Yes, I did it for one year. I read it again from the start and noticed some grammars and OA scenes to revise. I revised it for a month, then boom! Done.

As of now, it is getting number of reads from people and I’m beyond happy about it. I also came up with my second story which is still an on-going story. Its title is “To Love Again“, and again, you need to read the story to know how did I come up with the title. Life’s really like that, come on.

So yeah.. if you want to read my story when you’re bored or what, you can always visit my Wattpad account at http://www.wattpad.com/zhelababy 🙂

God bless everyone! ♥

Loads of love,